• The Power Of Worldview – Dr Sam Ndoga

    Your worldview is probably the most powerful aspect of your psyche in that most people are not aware at all of the way their worldview shapes their perception of reality. Most of us believe what we believe but when it comes to the things of God, we default to the

  • Encourage – Gini Monaghan

    God created us to love one another and to live at peace with each other. Pastor Gini’s sermon “Encourage” is practical and powerful. It reminds us of the transforming work of grace that enables us to treat each other with Godly respect and to speak words of life as often

  • Running On Empty – James Monaghan

    When we get to the end of ourselves and are Running on Empty, that is where God comes in to do a miracle. God allows it because He longs to fill us and do a deep, meaningful and personal work in our life. Be strengthened by this timely message by

  • Overcoming Cultural Strongholds – Dr Sam Ndoga

    Our guest speaker Dr Sam Ndoga teaches on Overcoming Cultural Strongholds and adopting God’s way of life. Be encouraged as he references Genesis 12:1-3 to illustrate what we must do to get rid of cultural strongholds.

  • Who Are You Holding – Gini Monaghan

    In Pastor Gini Monaghan’s latest message she masterfully unpacks the privilege and priority of parenting young and teenage children, urging us to keep sight of God’s agenda as we steward His greatest gifts to us. “Who are you holding?” will encourage and inspire every parent, by God’s grace, to give

  • Satisfaction Guarantee – James Monaghan

    God has put eternity in the hearts of men and only He can satisfy the eternal part of the human heart. Learn how divine contentment is God’s provision for you in Christ as you watch “Satisfaction Guarantee” by Pastor James Monaghan

  • The Ripple Effect – James Monaghan

    The decision you make have ramifications, your life choices are bigger than you. Who you marry, what job you take, where you live. Like a pebble dropped in a pond, the ripple effect of your choices go way beyond the moment of your choice. Be encouraged as Ps James Monaghan

  • Again – James Monaghan

    Have you ever found yourself on the cusp of a breakthrough only to have it fall apart at the last minute? Well then, this message is custom made for you. Pastor James Monaghan reveals through the life of Isaac how God uses these moments to give us DOUBLE for our

  • Interchange – James Monaghan

    Life can be complex and discerning the will of God in key moments can feel overwhelming. This message will equip and empower you to know for certain what God’s will is for your life and give you confidence in your next step. Be blessed as you watch this powerful word

  • Doors – James Monaghan

    Jesus is the door keeper, and He will never abandon His post, He opens doors no one can shut, and shut doors no one can open. Jesus wants to use the door you are facing today to guide you into your divine destiny.

  • Guarding Confession – James Monaghan

    We need to aways guard our confessions in our daily walk of Faith. Ps James helps us understand the power of what comes out of our mouth, both good and bad. Be blessed.

  • When I Am Weak – James Monaghan

    When I am weak, I am strong. Ps James Monaghan shares on how God uses our weakness to our advantage. Be encouraged.

  • Taking your Miracle – James Monaghan

    Delay is God’s tool to mature and develop a richness of Faith in you. Be encouraged as Ps James Monaghan shares on “Taking Your Miracle” of what you are believing God for.

  • Faithful with Little – James Monaghan

    “Whoever can be trusted with very little can be trusted with much.” Be encouraged as Ps James Monaghan shares 3 key thoughts on being faithful with little.

  • Sowing & Reaping – James Monaghan

    The principle of sowing and reaping must be functioned on intentionally. If you sow a bad seed, you get a bad harvest. If you sow a good seed, you get a good harvest. Be encouraged as Ps James Monaghan​ shares some nuggets on Sowing and Reaping.


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