• REthink – James Monaghan

    Ps James encourages us not to become passive by conforming to the world but instead we are to live according to the word, and be transformed by the renewing of our minds. Tune in to this week’s message to better understand how we need to set our mind on things

  • Start To Finish – James Monaghan

    According to His Word, God always finishes what He starts. We can often find ourselves in a place where we are experiencing frustration during our season of waiting. In this weeks sermon Ps James speaks of this season being our transitional period, our passageway. Tune into the message to understand

  • Breaking Out Of Stagnation – James Monaghan

    We can often find ourselves stagnant and without momentum in key areas of our lives, it can happen to anyone. The good news is that you don’t have to stay there. God’s grace is not only sufficient to meet you where you are, but it is also enough to not

  • Servanthood – James Monaghan

    The Hallmark of the earthly ministry of Jesus was Servanthood, as believers we are all called and created to serve. In this inspiring message entitled “Servanthood” Ps James unlocks the power of a servant based life.

  • Chosen – James Monaghan

    Chosen In this week’s sermon, Ps James takes us on a journey through the story of Aaron and his rod to learn 4 simple steps toward living with our faith in the One who called us, rather than the calling. Matthew 22:14 explains that ‘many are called yet few are

  • Heart For The House – James Monaghan

    A heart for the house In this weeks sermon, Ps James helps us to understand why we can find ourselves feeling frustrated even when we are constantly feeding in our spiritual home. The cycle of life is to give and receive, just as Jesus is building His church, He calls

  • The 4 Tests of Every Leader – James Monaghan

    The four tests of every leader If you’re a believer, you are a leader. There are four areas that every leader is tested and tempted in; fame, money, sex, and power. The Lord does not tempt us, but He does allow testing to happen for us to see the truth

  • Mountains – James Monaghan

    We all face mountains in our lives. The reality of mountains in the natural is that they are intimidating, the reality of mountains in the supernatural is that they are moveable. God is calling you to mountain moving faith, it’s time for you to step forward and not be intimidated

  • Supernatural Fruitfulness & Entrapment – James Monaghan

    From good to great, God is setting you up. 9 is the biblical number for fruitfulness and divine enablement. In order for there to be an upgrade of fruitfulness, we need to undergo pruning. God must take away, in order to increase. 2019 is an important year, for you, for

  • Seek Week – James Monaghan

    Ps James helps us understand 4 key points when it comes to seeking God. God’s voice is still and small, we need to tune in to hear what He is saying. Let’s begin our seek week and our year with insight and intentionality.    ‘Seek ye first the Kingdom of

  • Surrender – James Monaghan

    Trust In The Lord to Flourish and not just survive in 2019 A Life that is surrendered is a life that God can work with. The Power of Surrender by Ps James is a “not to be missed” message for You as you start this New Year. Tune in to

  • Taking New Ground – James Monaghan

    Your Salvation has been secured by the Greatest redemptive plan. Listen to this Prophetic message that will lead and encourage you towards your walk with God and turning over a new leaf as you await new things in 2019


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