• Kingdom Economics – James Monaghan

    ‘Kingdom Economics” is a powerful message about the principles available to us as God’s people in the area of finances. This is a poignant word for the times in which we live.

  • Parable of The Soils – Dr Sam Ndoga

    Your heart determines who you are, Dr Sam Ndoga shares a transforming message on the matters of the heart.

  • When Storms Come – James Monaghan

    Pastor James Monaghan’s latest message entitled “When Storms Come” reminds us that when the storms of life overwhelm you, Jesus is in your boat and promises that He’s taking you “to the other side”. God’s plan is to take you through the storm so that the storm does go through

  • Intimate – James Monaghan

    Jesus has called us to a life of closeness and intimacy with Him, where we feel the manifest presence of Jesus wherever we are. @James Monaghan shares on this intimacy that God longs for us to have with Him and how to achieve it. Be blessed as you watch this

  • Process – James Monaghan

    In this inspiring sermon entitled “PROCESS” you will learn the importance of understanding that God has each of us in a process, to prepare you to walk in the fullness of God’s plan for your life. This message will help you to move from frustration to cooperation in the midst

  • Divine Tipping Point – James Monaghan

    God desires to bring a weightiness for His presence in your everyday life. Ps James shares on how God desires to bring a Tipping Point moment that permanently changes and adjusts our yearning for His presence in our lives.

  • Generational Faith – Gini Monaghan

    Pastor Gini Monagahan’s latest message entitled “Generational Faith” masterfully unpacks the necessity of an intentional impartation of faith to the next generation. Be inspired to invest in your heritage of faith as you watch this power video.

  • The Power Of Humility – James Monaghan

    Matthew 18:5 therefore whoever humbles himself as this little child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. Divine humility is the foundation of greatness. In Pastor James Monaghan’s latest message “The Power of Humility” learn how humility really works, what it really is and how to allow it to

  • Against The Wind – James Monaghan

    When the wind of life comes in with such force that, what was easy has become impossible due to the external things that are happening to you that are bearing you down so much that you are not sure you will make it to your destination. Be encouraged as Ps

  • In The Potter’s Hands – James Monaghan

    God is the Porter and we are the clay. He is working on and in us so that we can walk in the works that He has prepared for us. Be blessed by this timely message by Ps James Monaghan

  • The Power Of Worldview – Dr Sam Ndoga

    Your worldview is probably the most powerful aspect of your psyche in that most people are not aware at all of the way their worldview shapes their perception of reality. Most of us believe what we believe but when it comes to the things of God, we default to the

  • Encourage – Gini Monaghan

    God created us to love one another and to live at peace with each other. Pastor Gini’s sermon “Encourage” is practical and powerful. It reminds us of the transforming work of grace that enables us to treat each other with Godly respect and to speak words of life as often


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