• Overcoming Fear – James Monaghan

    Thankfulness is the language of faith yet we often forget this when we face fear or anxiety. Ps James Monaghan reminds us to pray with thanksgiving. Be encouraged.

  • Moving Forward – James Monaghan

    Many time we are halted by distraction and discouragement, we are deterred from our dreams and delay our divine destiny. Ps James encourages us to press towards “the mark” in this timely word.

  • Worship – James Monaghan

    Worship is a lifestyle. Does God prescribe the way we should worship Him? Ps James shares some deep truths…

  • The Dynamics of Increase – James Monaghan

    Every sower looks forward to a bountiful harvest and every person wants to prosper but we need to mindful of the seed we sow and also be deliberate about the measure of our seed. In “The Dynamics of Increase”, we are enlightened through some divine truths: 1) A seed can

  • CLC Heritage Sunday

    My house will be called a house of prayer for all nations” and Heritage Day at City Life Church was truly reflective of that. If you couldn’t join us on Sunday, or just want to re-live the magic of the day, follow the link for the video which includes performances

  • More than I can handle – Gini Monaghan

    We have always been led to believe that God will never give us more than we can handle but as we look at some key biblical counts of victory we can see that being surrounded by lions in a den or being left to be consumed by a raging fire

  • Joined & Knit – James Monaghan

    Life is a vogage of discovery.  Sometimes the journey can be smooth sailing but there are moments when we are tossed about the waves of life, feeling intimidated by life’s storms. God keeps us anchored through His word and often places people in our path to be his extension of

  • The Armor of God 2 – James Monaghan

    It is not by our strength but by His might. The Lord Jesus Christ has freely given us the armor of God, yet it is up to us to choose it and to take it. We all know how treacherous life can be but as children of God we never

  • The Armor of God – James Monaghan

    “What comes out of your mouth will be the indicator of whether your breastplate of righteousness is firmly in place.”- Ps James Monaghan That rudder in your mouth will let you know how vulnerable your ship is. We know that the war that we wage is a spiritual one so

  • G.R.I.T. -James Monaghan

    Ps James asks a probing question that reels you into real reflection: “Do you know what your immobilisers are?” Your soul will be strengthened when you keep your eyes on the reason for YOUR call, and the grace to endure will match the demands of your destiny.


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