What we believe

City Life Church has a passion to reach the people of Johannesburg with the message of what Jesus has done for them. To see lives and families restored by the grace and goodness of God, and to equip each person to walk in the plan that God has for their lives.

It's all about Jesus

Everything that we believe is encapsulated in the person and work of Jesus Christ. We believe that Jesus is the complete expression of God’s heart towards a sinful humanity. Rather than condemning the world, Jesus died for us. Therefore our faith is founded on the truth that through Jesus we can be made right with God and walk in a sincere relationship with Him, being transformed daily through His grace and the work of His Spirit within us. Jesus is always at the center.

We all need help

The truth is that all of us have messed up at one time or another. We have all done things that we shouldn’t have done and sinned against God. Through Jesus however, we can receive forgiveness and restoration as the free gift of God. As believers we are not perfect people, we do not have it all together, we are not better than unbelievers. We are simply forgiven.

We all belong

We believe that God has brought us together as a church so that we may be an expression of His love to the world, and specifically in our case, to the people of Johannesburg. We welcome all people at our church because our acceptance is not based on what they have done, but instead on what God has done for them. We believe that God wants all believers to be in a community where they can grow and be equipped in their walk with God.